Version 1.4 Now Available!

Hey, folks! Been a while since the last update, huh? Things have gotten a bit too busy for me to dedicate time to updates for this game lately (partly due to life getting in the way, but also partly due to new projects in the works), but a new update's here at long last! Here's what's been added since 1.3:

New Features & Tweaks

-The game is now compiled with GMS2's YYC, which should make the game run significantly better on older hardware!

-Minecart levels can now be played standalone in practice mode once you've played them at least once in random mode. When playing in practice mode, you'll see how many gold and platinum coins you've collected (as well as the total amount in that level) and how far along you are in the level

-Eight new palettes have been added to the game! All of them can be unlocked through random mode. (Unfortunately, this means you'll also have to unlock these to re-unlock the Golden Girl palette even if you've already unlocked it. Sorry!)

-You can now have up to 4 continues in random mode

-Made some adjustments to how the Alien Ravine levels are played in practice mode to make getting perfect scores more forgiving

-Slightly reworked some of the phrasing for palette criteria

Bug Fixes

-Fixed some of the bottomless pits in Alien Ravine 2 not being aligned properly

-When continuing in random mode, instead of being given 3 extra lives regardless of the starting lives option, you are now given the amount of lives you started random mode with

-Fixed a bug where a selected palette would still be selected if the player deletes a part of their save data externally


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Nov 24, 2021

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