Version 1.3 Now Available!

Hey, everyone! Version 1.3 is now available to download, and this update's a big one! To start with, there's a brand new mode available to play in the extras menu after beating the main campaign: random mode! Here's what you can expect from this new mode:

Random Mode

-Play through all the levels from the main campaign (except for the boss level) in a randomized order

-The mode doesn't stop after all levels are cleared; keep going and see how far you can get! ...well, until you get to the dreaded kill screen, that is ;)

-Three power-ups that can randomly appear and help you turn the tables: the pickaxe, the platinum coin bag, and the double jump boots

-Bonus rounds every 3 levels (for the first 15 rounds; afterwards, they become less frequent)

-Multiple options to customize a run, such as disabling certain levels from being selected, starting amount of lives, amount of continues allowed, and enabling or disabling bonus stages and power-ups from appearing

-A unique high score table separate from the main campaign's table

-More secrets! Some obvious, some not so obvious

Random mode isn't all that's new in this update, however; tons of extra tweaks and bug fixes have been made as well! Here's all the changes that've been made to the game:


-Snakes move a bit slower in the later levels

-Snakes stay kicked off the screen for a bit longer in the later levels

-Bonus items stay on screen for a bit longer

-Mike becomes slightly less random in the later levels

-Adjusted Handy and Candy's targeting parameters a bit

-When exiting from a tunnel, blinded snakes will try to appear a bit closer to the player

-Increased the amount of time SN-4K3 stays grounded for after divebombing

-Added a small handful of more records in the records menu

-Made a few more slight optimizations in the game's code

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug where Cobots in the boss fight move faster than they're supposed to on the player's first life

-Fixed a minor bug in the extras menu when exiting from one of the sub-menus

-Deaths by Candy in attract mode will no longer add to the total amount of deaths by her in records


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Jun 23, 2021

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