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Hey, noticed the windows sleep margin option is set to 10, even though this is a GM Studio 2 game... Mind turning that down to 1? That'll make the game stop using 100% cpu. Thank you.

hey haven't bought it just yet but i'm considering it...

is it possible to port this to the switch or something though?

Fun game.  It's unfortunate that it can't be installed with the Itch desktop launcher, though.


This game is great!


Can we have this game ported to both Mac and Linux someday? Great job on this game by the way. :)


Thanks! Hopefully I can get a Mac version out some day soon. Linux may still be a ways away however.

What's up with Linux?

I can't export to Linux without a Linux device, and I don't have any

That makes sense.

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Maybe use something like VirtualBox to emulate some common Linux distro so you don't need to have a Linux machine?

While at that, if you do a Linux build, might I suggest compiling the game as an AppImage file as well?

Hey man i can't get controllers to work on this version. Is there a way to get joystick support. The steam version says it has it. If this does not have it can you refund me and I'll just buy the steam version

Can you tell me what controller you're using? There might be a controller type that I didn't account for.

If you'd like to refund this version, that's something I can't grant on my end; from what I can tell you have to go through's support page for that.

Any updates on the mac version

Will you make a Mac version?

I plan to some day in the future! It's not on the agenda at the moment, however.


love this game, is there a way to license for arcades?


This is an awesome game



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What is the actual resolution of the game? Trying to get a perfect output on my CRT. That's right i play all my modern games on my Crt's both horizontal and Vertical :D

4.3 Full screen mode without borders would be sweet

The native resolution without the borders on is 7:9!

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No I'm not talking about the aspect ratio. But after further investigation and analyzing the screenshots it's 288×224 60hz Same as Dig Dug. Now it looks great!

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Hello! Would it be possible to tag your download for Windows proper? I think it might not be able to be downloaded and run through the itch app because of this.

Whoops, I meant to do that before sending the update out but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder!

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Yo, thanks a lot! That fixed it. Great game - very authentic to an arcade experience, haha!


Awesome game! I wonder whether it could be ported to some retro hardware (maybe even to an arcade platform)... Check out for instance Fix-It Felix Jr. on Sega Genesis for inspiration: 


I'd say it's possible! I don't have the time to figure that out myself, but I'm also curious to see if it could really be done.


It's cool that you're interested in this idea.  Well, for instance, the creators of Alwa's Awakening (NES-inspired indie game) asked the community for help (on Twitter in this case), and it is currently being ported to the actual NES hardware... --

I was also interested in one day developing a game for one of my old consoles just for fun. I used to have a GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Gameboy Advance, and a few months ago I pulled out the Playstation 1. I still have the GameCube and PS!, and I was wondering if there was ways I can test games on those old systems without a dev kit. I'm probably being way in over my head though. Do you have any resources for me?

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You might find it interesting that the GBA Jam 2021 has just started, a retro coding event which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Game Boy Advance:

Here you can find a list of retrodevelopment and reverse-engineering Discords: Including one for PlayStation 1, and if you join the Emulation Development Discord you should also find links there to GameCube/Wii/Wii U/Xbox 360 emulation/development communities. The communities should help you get started with links to resources, and show you how to test your programs on original hardware or via emulation.

Check out this video as well, Making a Game for FIVE Different Consoles - Ludum Dare 46 [PS Vita, Nintendo DS, Wii, GameCube, and PSP]: Good luck!


Thank you so much for these links!

It would be awesome on Evercade imo.


I really, REALLY love this! The characters are simple yet expressive, movement is tight and refined, the gameplay itself is like Pacman mixed with Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong! Arcade game enthusiest should DEFINITALY take a look at this!


I'm a classic gamer, and so I agree with all the points you made about this game! It's one of the best indie games I've played on this platform!




You learn a new word every day!

man these are some wise words ngl

This is sick. I love it. I know its a super niche request but do you think you could add a vertical bezel for those of us that have a vertical monitor?


I may look into it in the future!


I just bought your game moment ago, GREAT GAME!!!

I have one question, how can I set up a joystick? I did try the game settings but all I can dis to redefine the keys...

The game should be able to switch over to a gamepad automatically when you connect it. If that isn't working then I'd suggest Joy2Key as a temporary solution. What kind of joystick are you using?

After posting this post, I did try with a Razer Wolverine Ultimate , and it now works. However, it doesn't work with Mayflash Arcade F300 Elite or with my MadCatz SF V TE2. Later on, I will give it a try with the Joy2Key.

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I got my Mayflash F300 (non-elite) to work by switching to Xinput instead of Dinput. I haven't had much luck getting Dinput pads to work with the game so far.

Thank you very much, will give it a try later during the day :)


This game is amazing! It really does feel like most of the arcade classics combined in one!

Can you plug a controller in and play it?




Can you do a LINUX build? It's the only thing stopping me from purchasing. Thanks!

I can try to look into it some day!


This is a great challenging game for 1CC players! All the references are spot-on and the gameplay feels unique.

Version 1.1 is now live! Check out the changelog here:


I love it ! Pure Retro Arcade ! It's tons of fun, that's what retro gaming is ! Well done. The only option i miss (unless i did not see it) is the ability to have scanlines, otherwise it's just perfect ! Many thanks !!!!


A really solid, fun, and appealing arcade-style game! The scene transitions towards the next level are fun to watch, and getting to master the game through perfecting levels feels extremely rewarding! Nice balance of old school difficulty and fun platforming! Well worth the $5!!!   

This looks really cool.  Is it made with Unity by any chance? I'd love to port it to Mac/Linux

The game was made in Game Maker Studio 2!

Lol, I made a game in the style of a 1980s arcade game, but yours is better than mine! My game is modelled after arcade games of the late 1980s.

A demo version would be great.

A demo version is available on the SAGE website!

Thank you!!!

Made a video

This game looks great, shame I'll not get to play it on Linux Mint.

May well work just fine under Wine. Would be nice if there was a demo we could try

There's the SAGE 2020 demo, give this a whirl in WINE:


Plays perfectly. No issues at all 😃


Annalynn for smash

Is this fully released? Product info says "In development."

I thought I fixed that before I put up the page but apparently not. It should say "released" now though!

Cool! Btw would we be able to get a Steam key included with an purchase?


Nope, this page is just to purchase the version. If you want the game on Steam then you'll have to buy it on there.


It's good I played it and I liked it.


I love this game and have played it a bunch! It's extremely charming, and the way Annalynn and the snakes have asymmetrical movesets from each other makes for a lot of really interesting routing. It's kind of like if a game was all the really tense, near-miss moments of Pac-Man back to back?

I've been trying really hard to unlock different outfits, because I'm a sucker for that stuff - I've only gotten the first two so far. I haven't found a reliable way to get all the snakes to clump together so I can get all four in a single gem; it feels kind of random whether I'll be able to get them all in time. So I keep near-missing perfects by just that much.

If there's a strategy I'm missing, please give me some tips! I want those outfit colors.

Thanks! There's not really a particular "one size fits all" strategy that works with every stage. Every snake has its own strategies for reaching the player and choosing what tunnel to go through, however.

I was wondering if they each had a unique targeting strategy!

They all do! I'll leave what those strategies actually are up for you to figure out though ;)